Monday, August 26, 2019

Performance and Reward Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Performance and Reward Management - Assignment Example Organizations need HR data in order to make rational and informed decisions for adequate performance management. In order to make sure that hardworking employees are rewarded and disloyal and unproductive employees are penalized, it is imperative that HR data is collected and maintained. Such data includes but is not limited to employees’ attendance, their productivity in terms of goal achievement, their discipline and conduct, and their professional growth and skill development. Having detailed recorded information of all these aspects enables the managers to quantify the results and ensure that the resources are adequately utilized for the benefit of the organization. Collecting data related to employees’ performance helps HR admin in rational decision making. Resources in an organization are limited. In order to achieve organizational goals, it is essential to assign these resources proportionately among the employees considering their needs and past performance. HR admin needs employees’ performance data during the performance appraisal process. This data helps HR admin reach the decisions of promoting certain employees and demoting others, offering increments to certain employees and decrements to others, and selecting employees to be sent as expatriates to other countries. Data related to sick absences is needed by the HR admin not only for monitoring the productivity of employees but also to ensure the provision of adequate medical care to the employees. An employee with a lot of sick absences clearly displays signs of poor productivity and wastage of time and resources. Besides, the organization might incur significant costs in paying the increased insurance premiums for such employees. It is the responsibility of the HR admin to watch out for employees who are using organizational resources for personal gains and report them to the top management. Electronic record storage, as the name implies, is the storage of information in a

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